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2011 Plan (in progress)

Pink Heart Plan (april)

Pink Heart Camp - Burning Man 2010

Here is the document in progress to be used in the camp submission application:


Burning Man 2010 - Metropolis: Pink Heart

1) The Pink Lounge / Esplanade Viewing Station

Back by popular demand!

The Esplanade Lounge is the cornerstone of our offerings. We provide shade & shelter with a super hi-def portal looking towards the active Playa (We only get one channel… but it is AWESOME). The past 3 years this Esplanade frontage (formally of Bat Country) became a hub for Playa education and deep soul sharing. (Think of our pink fur couches as a front porch for the Playa – a place to look out at our city and process the magnificence.) The 2011 camp aim is to take the magic and lessons from previous years and amplify it 100X (and increase the size by 50%)

We will also have several pink fur rocking chairs to complete the “Playa Porch” feel.

2) The Metal Heart Arch

A 12 foot wide X 8 foot tall foot tall fur-covered metal archway will welcome visitors from the open playa into the shelter of Pink Heart. (DETAILS TBD)

3) The Hearts-A-Fire Garden

a 16 foot diameter circle will host 7 propane-fueled,heart-shaped, fire “flowers.” They will have modest flames running from dark til morning illuminating the edge of the Playa with physical and spiritual warmth.   It will have a bench in the middle and  room for seated or standing conversation amidst the soothing flames.

4) The Water Bar.

There are a million places to get a drink on the Playa. The Pink Heart Lounge will provide flavored, iced waters. Mint & Cucumber will be our mainstays.

The water will be served by Ambassadors (designated by a pink sash.) ANYONE passing through may be deputized as an ambassador and demonstrate gifting in action. (We will have designated knives and a bleach sanitation tub per heath board directions.)


4.5) The Water Bar’s Robotic Maitre D.

Meet “Pink-E,” the remote controlled mobile drinking fountain. This rolling, mechanical, FUNCTIONAL drinking fountain will greet the Esplanade traffic with a robotic welcome to our water bar or simply offer a quick drink as they amble by.

5) Scheduled Speakers.

We plan to host a select number of speakers in our shaded lounge & dome to speak on topics such as Love/Growth/Connection & Bringing all of “THIS” back to the Default World. List TBD but will include Karpo’s Happiness Workshop, Teo’s Massage Workshop and Halcyon’s Gifting talk & daily “Hug Nation.” (Halcyon’s HugNation is returning to Black Rock City for the 9th year & he will lead a Hug every day at noon at Pink Heart. )

HugNation 2010 -  Aaron Dressin

6) Evening Love Pump Recharge.

The Lounge & Dome will be lit soothingly, and well enough for facial recognition. We’ll provide a safe and friendly alternative to the blinks, strobes, and darkness. We seek to provide the same fertile environment for introspection on our plush pink fur couches – day and night.

In addition, the Dome will be lit up pink and set to a slow pulse rhythm. We plan on having no amplified sound, but we will have low heartbeat/prenatal soundtrack playing in the dome. The dome will be filled with pillows, including the massive 5 person “Heart of God” pink fur cushion. Surrender to it and be enveloped in Love.

Lub-dub, lub dub…there will be some powerful Pink Heart Love on the Playa.


6.5 – DNA Fireball – A decorated, ‘wet-nap-only’ trash receptacle will be placed in the dome to encourage radical self clean-up. The contents will be ceremoniously burned on Burn Night.

7) Coconut Ice Cream Gifting & Daily Cone Ceremony.

One of the sacred Pink Heart parables is “Crap or Cone.” The idea that at every moment in your life, you have one foot in dog crap and are holding an ice cream cone in one hand. The degree to which you enjoy your life depends entirely on where you spend your precious attention. Do you fixate on your dirty shoe? Or do you savor your delicious ice cream? BOTH are always present.

Pink Heart camper Vitamin C will return to the Playa this year with 2500 ice cream cones in a refrigerated truck to be served over the first 4 days of the festival. The frozen goodness is organic, hormone free, chemical free, animal free ice cream.

We will follow all the rules in the health dept. guidelines doc so we’ll have plenty of buckets of water on hand, bleach, gloves, etc.

What better way to remind us of Life’s wondrous cone than a cold mouth of creamy organic ice cream on a blazing Playa day?

8) Awesomeness Certification & Rite of Passage Ceremony

Pink Heart has been given legal authority to issue Awesomeness Certificates. These documents are suitable for framing and can be used in place of a passport at most international borders. They also function as “freedom to park anywhere” placards. They come from a higher power than educational institutions and should be displayed alongside the most prestigious diplomas.

Now it's official

9) Pink (Rite of) Passage

This 5ft x5f x 5ft fur-covered cube will provide a physical rite of passage via audiovisual submersion. It will recalibrate people to see the Playa – and life itself – as an experience of Heaven on Earth.

9.5) Upon exiting the Pink Passage, participants will have the option of having their “Re-Birth Photo” taken using the patent-pending “Heart Light” and sent to them in the default world.

10) The Mehndi Lounge
Historically, Mehndi (henna body painting) has been used to mark feminine rites of passage: girl to woman, woman to wife, wife to widow. We will offer this sacred practice to mark all sorts of life – or Burning Man specific – rites of passage.


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