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April 1st Meeting

Pink Heart 2012 meeting
We were also live broadcasting to members in Japan, England, Canada, and across the US.

April 1 Meeting

4/1/12 MEETING:

Roster & Intro
What is Pink Heart in 2012 (watch this for the history: https://vimeo.com/24734849)
What the camp provides & doesn’t
things we’re gonna build
Not Local?
places we’re gonna go (beyond Black Rock)
Positions that need filling
calendar for work party days
Answer Questions!

1: Roster & Intros

Write your intro by 1 month. Dues go up otherwise.
Drug responsibility.Kid responsibility.
Role: historian: manage list,

Camping with or without. The 2012 group will be pruned to only those that have contributed intros. The Google Group & public FB group remain open to all.
2: What is Pink Heart?

We come together to elevate ourselves & others. We are about deeping the connections between people, solidifying the experiences that transform, and increasing the love we give.

3) What PH Provides

NO: Meal plan YES: Some communal meals. YES: Communal cooking area
YES: Shower area
YES: Camp Gifts for BRC: shade, transport, water, ice cream gifts,
YES: Communal Private Shade Area
MAYBE: Water & Grey water solutions
4) Dues.

First off, dues are the way that we collectively gift to BRC and the world. It is not a membership payment, it does not pay for your camping space. As a camp our purpose is to chip in our resources and create a gift that we could not create alone. Financial resources is part of it.

$100 local
$200 non-local
Both are sliding scale.

Reason for the difference in cost being that it is generally impossible for far away folks to contribute in the same way. That is not always the case. For example Ali and Brian are towing an art car & loading, packing & transporting a evaporation pond. But chances are the brunt of work will be done by local people.

But I’m totally open to discuss and adjust the sliding scale.

Also, if you contribute more that would be amazing, too.
examples: camp meal. Camp gifts. (Shine’s necklaces.) camp angel: water bottles.

Dues go up after TBD deadline (probably 2 months from now).
If you need camp funds, you can get $ paypaled in advance or be re-imbursed (both apon approval). Dont buy something and then say, that was instead of dues.

5. What We’re gonna Do in 2012

->Mobile Pink Lounge:
a) Fur collumns
b) fur camp chairs (done?)
b) pillows (sew covers)
c) love hearts
d) hugulets?
e) ice cream project – Christian, do you need help in planning? Or just help on site?
(add a dating game & other services while people are waiting/ enjoying. Photo taking? Henna? )
Truck fund raising & exhaust solution
f) dome cover
g) Personal Passion Projects!! “cocoon performance” “Birthday Party games” “Pink Goddess Activities”
h) Water Bar Project & possible evening hot cider.


– water bottles, stickers
– personal things

7) NOT Local?

Make pink heart gifts. charms, fund raise, sponsor another Pink Hearter,
plan a camp meal. Shop in Reno for supplies and coordinate with others to bring needed cookware. Maybe even partner with others who can contribute $ towards ingredients.
Help with website, Roster/directory (historian)
commit to a timeslot of foot massages for fellow campers or peeps who set up.
8) places we’re gonna go (beyond Black Rock)

mobile pink lounge

LIB / Ignite / Symbiosis



MOBILE PINK LOUNGE: pop-ups, pillows,
floor? (carpet, tarp?

9) Positions

Treasurer = Cerrie. Dues & fundraising & reimbursement.
Historian = ________/ notes for meetings. Also help with webcasts. Online roster
Frontage = ________coodinate with Halcyon & Paul (lighting) & Deron (design?)
Operations = ________coordinate with Millie re: camp plans, Paul w/ Power needs & Trailer
Activities director= Plumeria – coordinate with Christian, & Water Bar plans & other activities
Private Area = ________coordinate kitchen & private area needs, seating, lighting

10) Budget:

11) Calendar

12) Questions


old camp chairs
pink pillows. or pink pillow cases
Truck access for events.
Trailer or trailer pulling access

Graphic design
electrical? some lights that could use a look (goes on for a second, then off )
bike tune up skills? (side yard bikes)
glue gunners? (bike party?)
service a gene? Pour gasoline with out spilling?

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