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Sexy Situation’s Swing (an email)

Today I received this email from someone I had never met and wanted to share it with all of you as it is exactly what I envisioned when I built the swing this year!!

“Thank you, SO much!

I have been searching for images of your swing, or even a name of it, something for hours. Finally I feel like I have come to the right place.

First off your swing was awesome. Quite literally. Early on during
the event I passed by it several times and saw couples sitting in it and felt jealous of their lovely seat. I even sat in it by myself but it didn’t feel right.
Later on in the week I met a very special person indeed. On the night of the Temple burn me and her went on a journey together around the playa visiting all of our favorite installations of the past week. It wound up being the most magical nights of my entire life, and your swing was definitely “as good as it gets”, and a major highlight of my burn this year, as well as my soul on the whole.

Thank you.”


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