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Ice Queen meets Ice Water God (email)

photo by OT

I will give a short back story to say, that I was dubbed the “Ice Queen” earlier this summer at our pre-Burn event in Idaho because I NEED ice. Ice becomes everything to me out camping…ice cold water, ice for cocktail, warm water, hot water if you wait long enough… And I’m a stickler (and get kinda bitchy if I miss my ice run). Anyways… to say the least, we operate a bar, both on playa & all other regional type events we do. I am the one always going around with my ice cold water asking everyone “when was the last time you had WATER” ~ some people think it’s annoying I’m sure, but it’s hot out there & I believe in replenishing with water. I drink TONS of it…. and I love sharing!

So, fast forward to one night stumbling upon Pink Heart while out & about. It was a burn night, might have been Saturday, possibly Sunday… and I wanted to share with the friends I was with this awesome water bar that I found earlier in the week, so close to home. I think it was Manifest who served me ice cold cucumber water on this occasion arriving with friends. A friend I was with at this visit makes a joke when I am so in love with my ice cold drink (which I graciously came for drinks of throughout the week.. would just stumble in, say hello, get a drink, and ride away)….so something about the “Ice Queen” meets the “Ice Water God” and it was cute & I appreciated the connection. So since I was so super stoked & felt like I had just met my match on playa & it all made perfect sense ~ ice, water, we were all connected & it was awesome. So he asks me ~ would I like to gift the water for the next few gracious stumblers in? OF COURSE I WOULD! And so I did. And it touched me to give. It touched me that you guys were always there with this gift. I thank you very much for this experience. It meant a lot to me out there. One of the most meaningful things all week.

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