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Pink Heart Origins

We were anonymously forwarded this email from someone who says they worked for DPW.

“In 2009, while building the perimeter fence, DPW made a discovery.
They hit on a metal cylinder buried beneath the cracked Playa surface. It
was twice the size of a Oatmeal box, and covered in Sanskrit markings.
Originally it was assumed the capsule was buried by an ‘08 burners as a
joke, but the 09 fence was in a new location. No burner had been even close.
DPW is DPW does, so they smashed open the cylinder to see what was inside.
Wrapped in layers of silk, dried mint leaves, and cucumber seeds was a
single pink heart, carved in stone.

Pretty cool. But no one thought more of it, until the end of the summer
when Danger Ranger brought it to friend at UNLV. After tests and analysis
they were able to translate some of the text. (Most the markings were
badly damaged during the “opening procedure.”)
What they were never able to figure out, however, was the age of the
One researcher was sure the alloy was at least 1000 years old.
The origin of the text may be unknown, but the wisdom is clear:

1. Thou shall accept all as thy brother.
2. Thou shall gift thy brother with joy.
3. Thou shall shed his consumerism
4. Thou shall be his own shepherd.
5. Thou shall speak thine truth.”
They were unable to translate the rest of the markings.

Many people believe that this was not the first canister like this found in
the Black Rock Desert.
Several BMORG employees swear that Larry Harvey, himself, is in possession
of a canister found during an playa visit in the early 90’s.
And if you study those 5 lines, they are eerily close to the first 5 Burning
Man principles!
Were the principals of Burning Man left here by an advanced culture? Or
Santa Claus?
It hardly matters.
What matters is that the principals exist.
And when implemented in someplace as magical as the Black Rock Desert –
miracles can happen.

The Pink Heart Presidio was created to protect these Playa Principles & spread
the Gospel of Gifting.
The Sacred Order of the Pink Heart embrace these Texts as powerful tools of
Love amplification.
We practice, inform and preserve these principles though ceremonial (and
often whimsical) offerings of SHADE, DRINK, VISION, & LOVE.”

And it was signed,
” P<3 aka Pink Heart
p.s. Ho, Ho, Ho."


2 responses

  1. Beautiful! Wow, if this is authentic, and why wouldn’t it be, how utterly cool is that!

    January 17, 2013 at 2:08 am

  2. Joyous

    WOW! What a beautiful story. What a gift to leave behind in a space where we live to give & clearly follow these ‘ancient’ principles. Pink Hearts all around ♥

    July 22, 2013 at 11:03 pm

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