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“To be a Pink Hearter…” (2010)

I wanted to re-post this FB post that came up as a memory from 2010.

NOTE: Pink Heart is currently FULL. But if you feel powerfully drawn to our vision and vibe, get in touch and we’ll see how we can work together and let you know if room becomes available.


It means you help create Pink Heart Camp. 

That means everything from brainstorming ideas, to legwork, to acquiring materials, to creating art, to reserving equipment, to attending work parties, to setting up camp, to keeping camp clean, to stocking the water bar, to making ice runs, to setting up the dome, to researching lighting options, to calling in favors, to brainstorming solutions, to hugging like you mean it.

It also means contributing $300 and a gallon of water and a pink pillow towards the collective vision.  But the money is not a payment for entry into the camp. It is simply one part of participating. The money allows us to collectively gift to the Playa on a grander scale than we could do alone.

We are not accepting anyone into Pink Camp who is “looking for a place to camp.”

We only have positions for people who want to make Pink Heart awesome. (NOTE: We are currently closed)

If you are not in Southern California, obviously it is harder to do pre-Burn group activities.

Here are some ways to add to the camp that can be done anywhere.–

1) acquire additional pink décor for inside the dome or around camp. 

2) make something using the Pink Heart logo & or Burning Man logo to give as gifts. Badges, pins, stickers, pendants, temporary tattoos, ??? (contact Halcyon if you need digital graphic files.)

3) contribute something to the camp on Playa as a gift. I.e. a camp dinner,. Or offer Foot Massages, healings, or another personal gift during set office hours. 

4) [deleted due to potential legal issues re: prostitution ]

5) commit to a larger project on-playa like The Dome building Team. 

6) offer to tow a trailer.

7) offer to be a part of the post-burn recycling/dump run to get rid of camp trash and carpets.

8) offer additional financial resources. Or offer to fund a project that is currently out of budget (like water bottles or patches)

9) offer to financially “sponsor” a fellow Pink Heart Camper who is struggling to pay dues.

10) Design or create a pink heart sign

11) design or create a stand alone lighting fixture for the front of the camp.

12) Offer to make a mid-week run to get supplies, if needed.

13) ??? Possibilities are endless. 

This is not intended to be scary or intimidate – only to make sure that you have the most incredible burn possible. (And confirm that being in Pink Heart Camp is right for you – and us)


If you want to join us, you still need to be “sponsored” by an existing Pink Hearter.  They will give you the address of our private Facebook group to join.  Once they vouch for you to camp leaders, you will have access to discussions, meetings, and a whole lotta hugs.   Not everyone is a good fit to camp with Pink Heart. But everyone is welcome to join us in the pink shade on the Playa.


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