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Burning Man 2012 – Fertility 2.0 – My Virgin Burn (by Melissa Fontanini)

This was a note I wrote to my campmates after the Burn, but it applies to my experience overall:

I traveled to the desert shy and hesitant, but excited for what was to come. I’ve always been rather shy, quiet, an observer, self conscious, but eager to explore, learn new things, dive in with the right push to venture on my own, or outreached hand to travel beside. This was a huge step in becoming comfortable in my own skin, surrounded by soooo much love, so many directions to turn, endless possibilities. 

Check out the rest of her story at the link below!



TEDx! Gratitude, Gifting & Grandpa aka Crap or Cone

Cliff Baise “Pink Heart Camp is a Burning Man Beacon.”

Pink Heart Camp is a Burning Man Beacon. You can glance over from anywhere on the playa and see the gentle pink glow emanating from Pink Heart at 9:00 and Esplanade. The story behind the camp is even cooler. It is run byJohn Halcyon Styn. I could write an entire book on how awesome this guys is, but just Google him or look up some of his videos on YouTube and you’ll see for yourself. He has lots of videos that helped me prepare for Burning Man last year as a virgin, but he also has a show called Hug Nation that is a benefit on so many levels. Don’t miss John’s TEDx talk either. I wish there were more people like him.Image

Pinkies! Pink Heart Camp 2012!