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Another Successful Sharp Jump!

(originally published on the Burning Blog)

People say, “jump the shark” like it is a bad thing.
Sure, it signified a time in the story arch of Happy Days when things flew off the rails. But it paved the way for Mork, for God’s sake!
And we are talking about FONZIE jumping over a shark. Is there anything more awesome (and Burning Man) than that!?

Hell yes, Burning Man “Jumped The Shark” this year. Just like it does every year.

In this 3 minute video I explain what Pink Heart does on Playa and how it is just one tiny way that we all have live-changing Shark Jump experiences of our own.
(Warning: If you get triggered by tears, I get misty a minute in.)

Watch the full episode talking about how glorious the dust storms were, more about Pink Heart’s gifts, the surreal presence of Halcyon on Playa, and more.

Song, “The 10 Principles Of Burning Man” – Graham Bolger Mix (with audio samples of me).

Rico explains duties to the PHamily during breakdown

Rico explains duties to the PHamily during breakdown

Pre-Burn Mode

We’ll be unpacking this container SOON!
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Pink Heart Beauty

Cliff Blaise photographed this gorgeous Burner amidst our pink bliss.pink_heart_hotty